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T Tar, removal 27
Technical data 40
Temperature, interior 16
Touching-up paintwork 27
Towing the car 36
Towing a trailer 39
Transmission 43
Travelling abroad 44
Tyres, pressures 24
Tyres 24
Tyre wear indicators 25
U Upholstery, cleaning 28
V Ventilation 16
W Warning lamps 4-6
Headlamps, adjustment 31
Washing the car 26
Weights 40
Wheel, changing (brace) 30
Wheels, changing round 24
Windscreen washer 14
Windscreen washer, filling 22
Windscreen wipers 14
Window cleaning 26
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The descriptions and figures given are illustrativ only.
Automobiles Citroën reserves the right to modify its models without necessarily keeping this manual up-to-date.
All genuine CITROËN replacement parts are sold only through the company's dealer network.

It is the interest of the user, for his own safety and to avoid invalidating the Guarantee, to refuse any other part.

Indeed, the fitting of spurious parts could involve the user in legal liability if such fitting caused a vehicle to fail to conform to the legal regulations of the country concerned, especially with regard to SAFETY, EXHAUST EMISSION CONTROL, IGNITION INTERFERENCE SUPPRESSION and NOISE LEVEL.

Further, such fitting would invalidate the user's right to claim against the manufacturer.

The items most particularly concerned are:
- Components of braking systems
- Components of lighting and signalling systems
- Engine components
- Exhaust system
- Steering components (Including ANTI THEFT lock)
- Structural items
- Suspension components

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