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Page 16 Fig. 25

Fig. 25 - Ventilation shutter
1 - Control knob

Page 16 Fig. 26

Fig. 26 - Front door windows
1 - Lock
2 - Lock control
3 - Released position

Front ventilation Fig. 25
(Cold air only)
Turn knob (1) clockwise to obtain the required output, and anti-clockwise to reduce or stop the air inlet.
Front door windows Fig. 26
To open them partly:
Press the catch situated on the lower part of the window frame. The windows will remain partially open while driving.
To open them fully:
Push the mobile part of the window right up in order to engage the retaining head in the opening of the upper exterior lock (1).
To close them:
Remove the retaining head from the lock while operating the control (2) to bring it to the released position (3), then close the window.
Ducts for windscreen and floor Fig. 27
(Warm air only)
To operate: Push lever (2) towards the red mark.
To stop: Move lever (2) in opposite direction, on the blue mark.

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