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Page 22 Fig. 37
Fig. 37 - Engine oil dipstick
1 - Max 0.5 litre (0.87 Imp. pint)
2 - Min
3 - Level reading on cut-out
1 Engine oil dipstick (L.H.D. or R.H.D.: same location
  • The engine oil level, which must bo between the two ends of the cut-out on the dipstick must be checked from time to time between oil changes and, in particular, before any long journey.
  • The check should be carried out with the car horizontal and the engine should have been stopped for at least 10 minutes.
  • To top up, fill without the level being higher than the top end of the dipstick cut-out. The lenght of the cut-out corresponds to 0.5 litres approx. (0.87 Imp. pints. See Fig. 37).
2 Engine oil filler pipe (L.H.D. or R.H.D.: same location
The following oils are recommended by Citroën:
Great-Britain: TOTAL GOLD (All the year round).
France: TOTAL GTS Plus 10W40 or GTI Plus 10W30.
In very cold climates: GTI Plus 10W30.
If "TOTAL" oils are not available, use equivalent grades of other reputable makes.
Never use additives.
After topping up, do not forget to seal the filler cap tightly.
3 Brake fluid reservoir (symmetrical on R.H.D.)
It is located under the spare wheel.
The level, visible through the transparent reservoir, must never go below the "Min." mark.
The interval between "Min." and "Max." represents 0.13 litre (0.22 Imp. pint).
To top up, use exclusively green "LHM" fluid. All other fluids, particularly those of vegetable or sythetic origin, which would rapidly destroy the hydraulic system, are not to be used. We recommend you "LHM" fluid distributed by TOTAL.
In an emergency or if it is not possible to obtain green "LHM" fluid, see page 35.
4 Windscreen washer (symmetrical on R.H.D.)
Top up with clean water to which may be added a summer or winter additive sold by Citroën Dealers.
5 Battery (symmetrical on R.H.D.)
Check the level of the electrolyte frequently especially in summer.
The level should be 1 to 2 cm (3/8 to 3/4 in.) above the plates in each of the six cells.
Top up with destilled water. Never add acid.
Never use a naked light during a check.

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