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Page 30 Fig. 42 and 43
Fig. 42-Front Replaceing a wheel
1 - Lifting arm
2 - Support
3 - Screw
Fig. 43-Rear
Tool kit  
The spare wheel and jack, the starting handle, and the wooden block are stored in the boot.<
Removal Fig. 42 and 43
  • Fully engage the handbrake.
  • Position the wooden block under the wheel diagonally opposite the one which is to be changed.
    If the road is a slope, wedge the wheel on the downward side.
  • Remove the wheel hubcap if fitted.
  • Unlock but do not slacken the three whell nuts with the wheel brace.
  • Place the base of the jack well under the car and turned slighty towards the wheel to be changed, so as to avoid contact with the bodywork in the final stage of jacking.
  • Fully engage lift arm (1) into support (2). There is one such housing at the front of each front door and one at the rear of each rear door.
  • Turn control screw (3) clockwise by hand until the jack is in firm contact.
  • Then use the handle to raise the car.
  • Complete loosening the tree wheel nuts, then remove the wheel by pulling it towards you.
  • Reverse operation.
  • Rear wheels:
    Turn the hub to place one stud at its lowest position.
    Position the wheel on this stud so that the two upper holes of the wheel come opposit the other two studs: the hub will be secured by the weight of the wheel.


    Check and correct the tire pressure of the newly fitted wheel as soon as possible (see the reminder on the back cover).

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