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Cleaning the upholstery  
Only use mild, non-caustic soaps, toilet-type.
Fabric type upholstery: This should be brushed or, preferably, vacuum cleaned. If there is much general dirt, use commercial "dry foam", after carefully removing all traces of dust.

Vinyl trim (and folding canvas hood):
This can be cleaned with a product like "SPIC" or with a little soapy water.Rinse well, wipe with a dry cloth. We do not advise the use of products intended to make these parts shine.

Never leave a wet hood in a rolled-up position. A sample of the upholstery is stapled under the driver's seat.
Isolated stains on the upholstery  
Stains on the fabric or vinyl trim may be cleaned with soapy water or water with a little "Teepol" detergent added.
If they do not dissappear, use 90° alcohol (commercial methylated spirit), or lead free petrol.
Use squeezed out pads and rub the stains lightly.
Solvents such as accetone, trichlorethylene, etc., are not recommended.
There are complex cleaners containing absorbent materials which, used with care, have the advantage of not leaving rings (eg. K2R).
Seat belts  
These should be cleaned with soapy water or with water with a little detergent of the "Teepol" type added, taking care not to touch the metal parts. Remove the deepest parts with 90° alcohol (commercial methylated spirits), or lead free petrol.

Do not dye the belts as this may affect their strength.
Dials on instrument panel  
Use either soapy water, or a commercial diluted detergent, to the exclusion of all other products.
Steering wheel  
Use soapy water or water with a detergent of the "Teepol" type added. Under no circumstances use solvents such as alcohol, lead-free petrol or trichlorethylene.

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