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The bodywork should be looked after regularly, especially in winter. This maintenance should not only concentrate on the paintwork and the metal embellishers but should take in the underside of the car as well; advice in this connection can be obtained from any Citroën Dealer.

Never wipe the car when dry, since this will scratch the finish.

Petrol, trichlorethylene and alcohol harm paint and transparent plastic, such as the sidelamp covers. Do not use strong detergent solutions either.

Cleaning the bodywork  
Frequent washing is necessary to keep the paintwork in good condition but it is nevertheless essential that certain precautions be observed; here are some reminders.
Never wash the car in full sunlight nor during frost. If the car has been exposed to the sun or the bonnet is still warm after a journey, wait until the surfaces have cooled down.
The body should first be rinsed with plenty of clean water applied either with a soft sponge, exerting no pressure ând rinsing the sponge often, or with a gentle spray. If a car shampoo is used, rinse afterwards with plenty of water.
Wipe the car dry using a clean chamois leather which is rinsed and wrung out frequently; ensure that no spots of water are left on the paintwork.
When setting off, apply the brakes a few minutes briefly, to dry out any water on the brake linings.
Cleaning the windows  
The windows can be cleaned with alcohol or a special glass cleaner. Silicone based products are not recommended. Pull the windscreen wiper blades forward and clean them with soapy water without exerting pressure on the rubber edge.

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