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Page 14 Fig. 21

Fig. 21

Direction indicators Fig. 22 or 24
To operate the right-hand flasher: Move lever (1) upwards.
To operate the left-hand flasher: Move lever (2) downwards.
To cancel: Bring the lever back to the intermediate position.
An audible signal is heard while the indicators are flashing. If it does not work, check the direction indicators (see page 33).

On the 2CV 6 Special, the direction indicators operate wheather the ignition is on or off.
Page 14 Fig. 22

Fig. 22 - Signal and lighting controls
1 - Direction indicator, R.H. side
2 - Direction indicator, L.H. side
3 - Hazard warning switch
4 - Hazard warning indicator lamp
5 - Warning lamp for rear fog lamp 6 - Rear fog lamp switch
7 - Windscreen wiper
8 - Windscreen washer
9 - Lighting and horn control

Windscreen washer  
Press button (8) several times.
The heigth of the jet depends on the pressure exerted.
Windscreen wipers Fig. 22 or 24
To operate: Press switch (7).
To cancel: Press switch again; the wipers will automaticly come to a standstill at the correct point.

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