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Note: "DIM-DIP" Lighting. (Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations)
If the side-and-tail lamps are on and the engine is started, or if the engine is running and the side-and-tail lamps are switched on, the dipped-beams of the headlamps light at reduced output (dim-dip) to make the vehicle more easily seen by other users of the road.
When the driver switches to dipped-beams or main-beams the dim-dip ceases to operate until side-and-tail lamps only are selected again with the engine running. Switching the dim-dip on and off is automatic and requires no action on the part of the driver.
Opening and locking:
Doors, boot, bonnet
Driving position:
Controls and accessories
Dashboard instruments
Seats, rear view mirrors, seat belts
Anti-theft, ignition, starter
Gears, brakes
Signals, visibility, and lighting:
Direction indicators, windscreen wipers and washer, headlamps and horn
Heating system:
Heating, ventilation, demisting, defrosting
Opening the hood
Ashtray, interior lighting
This first chapter contains all you need to know about driving your car and taking advantage of the comfort it offers. The dashboard instruments are all described on page 6, so that you can find out the meaning of their signals with minimum effort, should the need arist.

We also advise you to read page 38 before taking the car out for the first time.

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