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Anti-theft steering lock and ignition switch Fig. 14
1 - When the ignition/anti-theft key is withdrawn from the lock, the lock-tounge will lock the steering column when the steering-wheel is to the right or to the left (according to the model) of the straight-ahead position. The key can only be inserted or withdrawn in this fully anti-clockwise position, (0).
2 - TO UNLIOCK THE STEERING:- Insert the key fully, turn clockwise, rocking the steering wheel slightly to ease the movement of the lock-tounge.
3 - TO SWITCH THE IGNITION ON:- Continue to turn the key to its first stop 1; in this position the ignition is on, the fuel gauge operates, the engine-oil pressure warning lamp and other warning lamps light up; direction indicators and wipers become usable, also heating and demisting.
4 - TO OPERATE THE STARTER MOTOR:- Turn the key further, against spring-resistance, to operate the starter-motor (2); release the key which will return to the "Ignition-on" position (1). If the engine stops or does not start at the first attempt, wait 3 to 4 seconds, and repeat the operation; NEVER OPERATE THE STARTER MOTOR (KEY IN CLOCKWISE DIRECTION) WHEN THE ENGINE IS RUNNING.
5 - TO SWITCH OFF THE IGNITION:- Turn the key anti-clockwise from position (1) to position (0).
6 - TO LOCK THE STEERING:- After the vehicle has stopped, withdraw the key and turn the steering wheel until the lock-tounge clicks home.
N.B. References (0), (1) and (2) above are descriptive only; they are not marked on the lock.
Never turn the key to the "steering locked" position (0) while the vehicle is moving, free-wheeling or coasting; the steering can lock, with serious consequences if the key is withdrawn, even partly.
Important note: On no account seperate the ignition switch from the anti-theft lock, or attempt to use non-standard components or adaptaitions; inadvertent locking of the steering could result, with dangerous consequences.
Page 10a Fig. 14

Fig. 14 - Anti-theft/ignition/starter switch
0 - Anti-theft (steering locked)
1 - Ignition on
2 - Starter

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