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Page 02 Fig. 01

Fig. 1 - Keys
1 - Anti theft/ignition/starter
2 - Front side doors, rear boot door

Keys (Fig. 1)
  • The largest key (1) operates the "Anti theft/ignition/starter" device (see page 10a).
  • The smaller key (2) operates the front side doors and the rear boot door.
We recommend that you make a note of the key numbers in the space provided in the "Maintenance Guide" wich accompanies this handbook
Page 02 Fig. 02

Fig. 2 - Rear side doors
1 - Opening
2 - Locking
3 - Access for hand

Side doors (Fig. 2 or 3)
  • From the outside:
To open: Turn the handle downwards.
To lock: With the key (for front doors only).
  • From the inside:
To open: Front doors: raise the lever situated at the front of the doors.
Rear doors: press the lever (1)
To lock: Lower the catch (2) (rear side doors only).
To unlock: Raise the catch (2).
Page 02 Fig. 03

Fig. 3 - Rear side doors
1 - Opening
2 - Locking
3 - Handle

Rear boot door (Fig. 4 and 5)
To open:
(normal opening)
Use the door key to unlock the outer handle, then turn the handle anti-clockwise; the door will open slightly. Raise the door fully, free stay (1) and engage its end in support (2) to keep the door open.
To open:
(optional greater opening)
After unlocking the handle, open the door fully, raise support (3) and engage it under hook (4).
To shut: While holding the door, free and set stay (1) or support (3) back in their rest position, then lower the door, still holding it.
To lock: Use the key. With the door locked, the handle should turn loosely.
Never drive with the rear door supported by its stay or by the support for greater opening.

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