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SEATS, REAR-VIEW MIRRORS, SEAT BELTS (depending on equipment)

Seat belts  
It is important to wear seat-belts on all journeys, including those in town.

It is also important to wear the belt correctly:
  • the buckle must be to the side of the hip, not above it;
  • the belt must be a snug fit for the wearer; a slacky-worn belt will not give its wearer the protection intended. Automatic belts maintain correct fit while allowing a certain amount of movement to the wearer.
  • the belt straps must lie flat across the wearer and must not be twisted;
    diagonal straps should pass over the shoulder, not over the upper arm;
  • each belt is designed for one adult occupant. Never use a belt for more than one occupant at a time. Never put the belt around a child seated on the occupants lap.
Use of belts Fig. 12
  • 1. Automatic inertia-reel seat belts
  • Take hold of the strap by the catch tounge (2) and cross it over the body. This movement should be performed smoothly so as not to lock the reel (1).
  • Bring the tounge up to the buckle (4), then insert until it clicks home.
  • These belts adjust automatically to the wearer.
  • Press the red release button (5). Take care not to let the strap retract too quickly, but guide it back into its stowed position.
  • 2. Static seat belts, lap and diagonal
  • Remove the catch tounge from its holder by pushing it backwards.
  • Cross the strap over the body so as to bring the catch tounge in line with the buckle.
  • Insert the catch tounge into the buckle until it clicks home.
  • The belt should be close to the body, without being too tight. Its length can be adjusted by sliding the strap, using the adjustment buckle.
  • Press the red release button to undo the belt.
  • To put the belt back into position, insert the catch tounge into its holder in the stowed position.
Page 09 Fig. 12

Fig. 12 - Automatic interia reel seat belts
1 - Reel casing
2 - Locking catch tounge
3 - Locking catch
4 - Buckle
5 - Red release button

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