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The speedometer (8), battery charge indicator (20), total mileage recorder (21), fuel gauge (25) light up when the exterior light is on. Hazard warning indicator lamp (24) can operate wether the ignition is on or not.
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1 Fresh air vent, L.H. side 16   15 Headlamp adjustment control knob 31
2 Ashtray 20   16 Lighting and horn control 14
3 Gear change lever 12   17 Windscreen washer pump control 14
4 Heating control 16   18 Rear fog lamp switch
5 Control knob for ventilation shutter 16   19 Choke control with warning lamp
Stays on as long as the button has not been fully pushed in.
6 Hazard warning control 14   20 Battery charge indicator
  • At normal engine running speed, the needle should remain in the white zone. If it is in either of the red zones, consult a Citroen Dealer.
  • It is possible that, when driving with the headlamps on, the needle remains in the white cross-hatched zone: it indicates that the battery is insufficiently charged.
  • In normal circumstances, when driving, the generator should charge the battery and within two hours the needle should return to the white zone. If it does not, consult a Citroen Dealer
7 Direction indicators 14   21 Total milage recorder  
8 Speedometer
  • The orange marks indicate the speed limit for each gear
    22 Combined "Anti-theft/Ignition/Starter" switch 10a
9 Windscreen demisting/defroster nozzle 17   23 Warning for rear fog lamp
  • It stays on as long as the rear fog lamp is in operation
10 Engine oil pressure warning lamp
  • It lights up when the ignition is switched on and goes out as soon as the engine is running .
  • If it remains on with the engine running or lights up during a journey, stop the engine to check the oil level and top up if necessary (see page 22).
  • Should it remain on despite a correct oil level, stop again and contact a Citroen Dealer.
    24 Hazard warning indicator lamp
  • It stays on as long as the rear fog lamp is in operation
11 Check button for brake fluid level warning lamp     25 Fuel gauge
  • Tank capacity: 25 litres (5.4 Imp. Gallons)
12 Warning lamp for brake fluid level
  • It lights up when the level is too low in the reservoir.
  • If it lights up, stop the car immediately and consult a Citroen Dealer.
  • Before starting, ensure that the warning lamp operates correctly by pressing check button (14) (with ignition on).
    26 Windscreen/floor air distribution control 17
13 Windscreen wiper control 14   27 Handbrake 13
14 Fresh air vent, R.H. 16   28 Oddments tray  

Page 07a Fig. 08a
Fig. 8a - Driving position (R.H.D)
Controls and accesories
Dashboard instruments

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