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During the first 2,000 km (1,200 miles), avoid over-revving, and do not let the speedometer needle reach the coloured marks. Also avoid during this period:
- harsh acceleration,
- fierce braking (the brake linings must be run in),
- long journeys at a steady speed,
- labouring the engine at low speeds.
Servicing and guarantee  
At the time of delivery, you will be given a "Maintenance Guide" with a "Guarantee Card " and a 1 500 km (1 000 miles) "Servicing Certificate".
On completion of the first 1 500 km (1 000 miles) any Citroën Dealer, whether or not he supplied the vehicle, will carry out the 600-mile free service, on presentation of this "Maintenance Guide".
It is essential that the oil filter cartridge be of the type recommended by Citroën and correspond to very strict specifications.
Only the cost of the materials used (new oil and oil filter cartridge) will be charged for.
The Dealer will keep the Servicing Certificate and sign the Guarantee Card.
This card must be signed for the guarantee to come into force.
Influence of driving techniques on running costs  
The manner in which a car is driven affects its running costs, particularly as far as fuel, oil and tyre expenses are concerned. Running costs increase notably with:
- speed,
- frequent and prolonged use of low gears,
- accelerating and braking too often or too fiercely,
- unnecessary use of the accelerator pedal,
- leaving the choke out,
- taking bends at high speeds,
- tyres inflated to incorrect pressures.
Oil consumption, which varies with the use of the car, is also influenced by the way in which the engine is run-in, and you are advised to pay particular attention to this point as well as to the oil change section in the Maintenance Guide.

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