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Replacing a spark plug  
Standard fitting:
AC 42 F
Bosch W 225 T 1
Bosch W 5 A
Eyquem 755
Marchal 35
Marelli CW 7 N
Firestone F 32 P
Champion L 85
Electrode gap: 0.65 to 0.75 mm (0.025 to 0.029 in) (Fig. 53)

  • After starting to undo the sparking plug with a spanner, cap the sparking plug with a piece of rubber tubing.
  • Finish undoing the plug then take it out.
  • Cap the insulator of the replacement plug with the rubber tube.
  • Screw in by hand as far as possible.
  • Finish tightening with a spanner.
Replacing the "LHM" fluid by oil in an emergency  
In an emergency it is possible to use "SAE 10" or "SAE 20" engine oil in replacement of green "LHM" fluid of also "Type A - Suffixe A" or "Dexron" automatic gearbox oil.
However, as soon as possible, the reservoir must be drained by a Citroën Dealer, and refilled with green "LHM" fluid.
Page 35 Fig. 53

Fig. 53 - Electrode gap

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