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The 2CV has only four lubrication nipples that need regular treatment. Very important are the kingpins. They should be greased every 2000 km (1243 miles).
The kingpins are known as weak points due to the design. They wear out very fast. This can be slowed down with fresh grease.
To grease the kingpins the wheels have to be lifted off the ground. This enables the grease to reach the critical spots. If you grease the kingpins very often it is enough to push in 2 or 3 strokes from the grease gun.
If you do not grease the kingpins regularly you will have to pump until fresh grease squeeze out of the steering assembly.
Steering assembly
You will find the other two lubrication nipples on the upper end of the drive shafts. With intact rubber boots you don't need to grease too often. It should be sufficient to lubricate the drive shafts every 20000 km (12430 miles).
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