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Near New Old Stock 2CV Charleston

Near New Old Stock 2CV Charleston
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FOR SALE, the car is located in Seattle. It has an Oregon Title.

This 2CV Charleston started its life as a new car in a German Citroen collection. Never driven, until the owner decided to put his collection up for sale. He contacted a Citroen Dealer to sell his collection for him. This Citroen Dealer was one of my suppliers. This is how the 2CV found its way to Washington State.

The first owner in the US was a car collector from Whidbey Island, who had another 2CV at the time. So other than the transfer to his home, the Charleston was never driven. When he moved on to other collectors cars, all his 2CVs were sold, including the Charleston.

The next owner was a 2CV novice. He loved the car, but considering its uniqueness, he never drove it. After many years in his garage he decided to sell the car.

The 2CV then was sold to an aircraft collector in Utah. He had a fine collection of small vintage planes. So the Charleston found a good home in an air-conditioned aircraft hangar. Finally the owner had to sell the 2CV as a trade off for another rare aircraft.

Still not driven, the Charleston went to its next loving home in Portland, OR. Only the last owner added the vast majority of the current miles. Always garaged, the car was kept in almost complete Factory Original condition. By now the odometer reads original 21164 km, which converts to 13228 miles. Except for the time in Utah, every owner had me doing the maintenance work on the Charleston.
So the 2CV is turnkey - almost as it was when it came right from the factory in Paris.

Technical data:
602cc (36.7 cubic inch)
28 HP
4speed manual
Brake system:
Front: disc
Rear: drum
Brake fluid: LHM
600kg (1323 pound)
Top speed:
120km/h (75 mph)
Gas milage:
35 mpg going full speed 120km/h (75 mph)
49 mpg going 80km/h (50 mph)
60 mpg possible - but no fun to drive this way
Check Full sized spare wheel
Check Jack
Check Hand crank handle
Check Wedge
Check Winter front grill muff
Head rests Check
Passenger side rear view mirror Check
Dual 12V power outlet Check
Chrome hubcaps Check
Chrome headlight buckets Check
Front grill with chrome trim Check
Locking gas cap Check
License plate holders front and rear Check
Special carpets Check
Rubber foot mats Check
Spare light bulb kit Check
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