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More details: Perfectly restored Rouge Vallelunga 2CV6

Perfectly restored Rouge Vallelunga 2CV6 Club

Perfectly restored Rouge Vallelunga 2CV6
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FOR SALE by the owner, the car is located in Seattle and registred in Washington State.
New Price: $26,000 or make Offer

This amazing Rouge Vallelunga 2CV6 Club was fully restored in a professional body shop to the absolute highest standards. The owner of the business is a 2CV fanatic and deeply involved in the European 2CV Community. His bread and butter business are modern cars, but his heart beats for the 2CV. So restoring a 2CV is a labor of love, which drives him to go above and beyond the normal industry standards. The entire restoration was done to this extreme high standard.

No corners were cut, everything was done right. The car received a multitude of new parts. The body received many new panels to replace all rust infected parts and a new frame was installed. The motor and the transmission were overhauled and all new brakes were installed. Just to list the main new parts: New shocks, new wheels and tires, new galvanized muffler, new interior liners, new roof, new upholstered seats…
As the final touch, the 2CV received a professional paint job.

After I imported this stunning 2CV, it sold immediately. The buyer only drove it home to Whitbey Island and stored the 2CV together with his collection of Vipers. He never drove the 2CV. When another Racing car came into his life, he needed the space. So the 2CV is now available.

Technical data:
602cc (36.7 cubic inch)
28 HP
4speed manual
Brake system:
Front: disc
Rear: drum
Brake fluid: LHM
600kg (1323 pound)
Top speed:
120km/h (75 mph)
Gas milage:
35 mpg going full speed 120km/h (75 mph)
49 mpg going 80km/h (50 mph)
60 mpg possible - but no fun to drive this way
Check Full sized spare wheel
Check Jack
Check Hand crank handle
Check Wedge
Check Winter front grill muff
Head rests Check
Passenger side rear view mirror Check
Dual 12V power outlet Check
Backup light Check
Front grill with chrome trim Check
Locking gas cap Check
License plate holders front and rear Check
Special carpets Check
Rubber foot mats Check
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