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For Sale by Owner Nice Gray Charleston
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Nice Gray Charleston has a clear 1974 Washington Title.
Bought this car from Axel in June 2004. The 2CV needed only the usual replacements since: coil, starter, alternator, driveshaft boots, brake pads, tires, brand-new battery. Lots of tread left on tires, though they’re older.

  • 123Ignition
  • Heavy-duty BMW-fabric roof
  • White shift knob. A blessing on hot sunny days…
  • Uschi made a sunshade that stows under the roof. Great for summer driving.
  • Vietnamese leather seat covers and door panels. It came with those flimsy Charleston gray flannel covers, which I wore through in a couple of years.
  • Vietnamese stainless bumpers. Originals started rusting almost immediately, though the car was rarely driven in the rain.
  • Super-fast rear window defroster. Particularly useful on cool days when I’m carrying 4 people.
  • Decorative trim on taillights.
The 2CV has been just about bulletproof. Doesn’t burn oil.

Mostly local driving: used it as a rolling ad for my business. Have taken it as far as Bend, and Whistler.

Mileage: bought it with 59,468 km indicated; by its condition I suspect it had not rolled over. Now showing 25,047.
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