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Bleue Celeste Daily Driver 2CV Special

Bleue Celeste Daily Driver 2CV Special
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This 2CV was restored in Holland before it was shipped to the US and sold to New Mexico. It has a clear 1987 New Mexico Title. During this past restoration it received many new parts:
  • New galvanized chassis
  • New floor panel on both sides
  • New rear inner fender on both sides
  • All new shock absorbers
  • New tires, including spare wheel
  • Nicely painted rims
  • New Carburetor
  • New starter motor
  • And many other new parts
After the bodywork, the car was fresh painted in Bleue Celeste. However, the paint job wasn't too great. After many years in New Mexico at a high altitude, the paint is oxidized. Being parked outside for some years, some rust has appeared. However, the car has absolutely no structural rust. There is some surface rust on the hood hinge and the corners outside from the taillights show some bubbles. A while ago, a mechanic trying to do good, replaced the LHM with fresh DOT brake fluid - subsequently destroying the brake system. So I will replace the brake system together with many other things.

Already planned work:
  • Entire new brake system:
    • New master brake cylinder
    • Rebuilt calipers
    • New brake pads
    • New parking brake pads
    • New rear wheel brake cylinders
    • New brake shoes
    • Fresh LHM
  • New coil
  • New spark leads
  • New connecting hose air filter to carburetor
  • New windshield wipers
  • New electronic regulator
  • New transmission stub axle bearings and oil seals
  • All maintenance work:
    • Fresh transmission fluid
    • Fresh engine oil
    • New oil filter
    • Valves adjusted, new rocker cap gaskets
    • New points and ignition adjusted
    • Carburetor cleaned and adjusted
    • New front crankshaft seal
    • New spark plugs

Components to be inspected and replaced if needed:
  • Inspect engine:
    • Check compression
    • Check vacuum in crankcase
    • Check possible oil leaks
    • Check cylinder heads
    • Check air filter housing and filter
  • Check drive shafts and dust boots
  • Check king pins
  • Check wheel bearings and oil seals on bearings
  • Check steering arms
  • Check transmission
  • Check clutch
  • Check steering and steering lock
  • Check suspension system
  • Check entire electrical system and wiring harness
  • Check function of all door locks
  • Check function of front windows

I don't plan to address the rust issues, since it is mainly superficial and would require painting. To do a proper paintjob on the oxidized paint, the entire car would need to be painted - which would boost the price for the 2CV into a much higher price segment. So the car will be sold as a daily driver - mechanically like a high-end 2CV but with some cosmetic flaws.
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