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SOLD More details: Perfectly restored Beige 2CV Special SOLD

SOLD Perfectly restored Beige 2CV Special SOLD

Perfectly restored Beige 2CV Special
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SOLD This very nice 2CV Special has a clear 1985 Washington Title. The 2CV was restored in the Netherlands to a very high standard. Since the restoration it has been driven for only 1991km (1244 mi). During the restoration, the car received many new parts:
  • Original style chassis
  • New floor panels
  • New rocker sills
  • A new front bulkhead
  • The car was fresh painted in the original 2CV color Beige Colorado
  • A new original color roof
  • A new exhaust system
  • All new tires including spare tire
  • All new shock absorbers
  • New front bumper with overriders
  • New rear bumper
  • New sound dampening mat on the inside of the hood
  • All new heating hoses and heat deflection hoses
  • New interior liners
  • New floor mats
  • New upholstered seats
  • New firewall and parcel shelf padding
  • New master brake cylinder
  • New rotors
  • New brake pads and parking brake pads
After the restoration the 2CV was imported to the US, where it was sold to the previous owner. He enjoyed the 2CV for some years and recently decided to reduce his collection. This is when we got the opportunity to purchase this beauty.
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