Back Back 2CV Restoration - Buyers Guide -
Places to look for rust
Rusty places Problem rating
Frame Severe safety
Floor panels Safety
Front bulkhead Safety
Rear bulkhead Nasty
Windshield frame Very nasty
Lower end of the A, B, and C-poles Safety
Rocker panel front end Nasty
Front fender attachment Safety
Rocker panel under the B-pole Safety
Rocker panel under the C-pole Safety
Rocker panel rear end Nasty
Rear seatbelt anchors in the inner fender Safety
Front attachment of the rear fender Nasty
Inner fender where the bump stop sits Nasty
Bump stop on the outside Nasty
Bottom of the trunk Nasty
Above the rear fender aluminum trim Very nasty
On the outside near the taillights Nasty
Under the license plate Nasty
Doors Cosmetic
Fenders Cosmetic
Hood Cosmetic