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What a big honor, one of our beautiful 2CVs was featured on the front page of the Griot's Garage catalog #252
Griots Garage
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2CVsRus is THE best source for Citroen 2CVs in the USA. For over 30 years we are specialized in repair and restoration of Citroen 2CV.
On our website you will find plenty of information about 2CV's in general, repair and maintenance instructions, spare part supply, a very informative 2CV buyer's guide that tells you what to look for when you plan to purchase a 2CV and a complete online 2CV Users Manual in english. You can browse through comprehensive slide shows of representative 2CV restorations to learn what to expect before you consider a restoration project.
Located at the beautiful West Coast in Seattle Washington, we can help you with your Citroen 2CV needs.

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